When we got a call to discuss detailing an Aston Martin Vantage in Dublin, we were expecting a fairly easy task. Usually these cars are kept in very good order, but a combination of the previous owners total lack of maintenance and a very poor respray over the rear arch and back bumper had left swirls, orange peel, and badly marred paintwork.

The detail itself took over 12 hours, and even the wash stage took well over an hour. It was very enjoyable working the paint back to a beautiful buttery gloss with a combination of Polish Angel Master Compound and various polishing pads. Aston paint is specially made by DuPont to be soft and very glossy so in order to lock in the shine, I opted Polish Angel products, including Polish Angel Master Sealant – a ceramic sealant which lasts about nine months on the paint to protect the finish.

The customer was over the moon with the detail.