Video Transcript:

“Hi there. Carl here again from Just finished up a car detail on this beautiful GT Maserati. Black, with nice gold fleck in the paint. She’s just gotten about eight, nine hours work on her, most of which concentrated on the paintwork. A lot of random, deep scratches following kind of wash appraisal.

We needed to do some heavy-duty compounding on one or two of the panels, which is quite difficult given that some of them are actually plastic composites. So, you can’t measure the paint at depth accurately. So, you need to be extremely careful to make sure you don’t get any strike-through. But we got there in the end and she looks absolutely fantastic for a car that’s just four years old now and looks absolutely brand new. About 95 percent correction achieved. Maybe about 96 or 97.

Interior then had good, deep clean of the leather. Cleaned and fed with proper leather oils, proper leather cleaners. All sorts of different utility brushes out for the interior for a good clean and scrub down. Needed a good bit of TLC just to bring her back to as new as possible.

Carpets as well got a microsplitter on them, following debris and dirt removal.

So all in about 9, 10 hours work on the car. Just about to deliver it to the owner and expecting him to be delighted about the finish. We certainly are.

Thanks for watching the video. is the site. is the email. And my number is 086-1965471 if you’d like any more information or call 01-6877727 to make an appointment.

Thanks for watching.”