Video Transcript:

“Hello there and welcome to Just a quick run-through video, an introduction video to the website. We’re just using this Porsche Panamera as an example of the kind of work that we do.

This car has just received a full detail today, which consisted of, in essence, a Four Stage Paint Correction on the paintwork and a full interior deep clean, followed by sealants on everything from the carpet, to the leather seats, and the door cards, and the leather dashboard.

This car came over from the UK a couple of weeks ago, and basically, it was covered in marring from poor wash technique, and from a valeting operation that had basically used a buffer on the paintwork, and left buffer trails hologramming and micro-marring all over the car.

So, the main focus today was to correct and remove that marring from the car to leave the finish that you’re seeing now which, hopefully you’d agree, is absolutely stunning. Owner is delighted. Thinks the car looks better than brand new, which for a two-year old car, a detail that it’s just received, it really does.

At we have a number of options available on the website. Most people will range between a Mid Level Detail, an Executive Valet, up to a Full Car Detail.

So, the differences between an executive valet and a detail- So, with an executive valet, you’re going to get a full, deep clean on the interior of the car. That includes extraction of the seats and carpets, and a clean down of the door cards, dash, vacuum of the boot, windows, door sills, so on and so forth – the standard valet, but done to a very high specification.

The next level up then, being an Executive Valet with a Machine Polish. A machine polish is essentially a wax applied with a machine to give a better finish on the car by giving a deeper- using the wax as- using it’s characteristics for a deeper clean on the paint and removing a little bit more grime and dirt from that oxidation.

Next level up then, will be a Mid-Level Detail where we might have cars with sun cream prints on them, micro-marring, not in terrible condition, but in need of a lift. And the mid-level detail will essentially get a single-stage correction on the paintwork, followed then by a ceramic sealant applied.

We also have the new Rejuvenation Detail, which is a popular choice to refresh your car inside and out.

So basically, the options are executive valet, executive valet with machine polish and sealant, and then on up to the mid-level detail. And then, this is the full detail.

This full detail has a €750 price point, which is out of a lot of people’s reach, but for a car like this, it’s absolutely warranted.

Now, no matter what option you choose with, you can rest assured that you have the very best of equipment processes, and trained and friendly staff, more than anything else, arriving to do the job.

You can see in the van here we have the baffle tank rendering us an autonomous unit. We also have a generator in the back. And our smallest – yet it packs a punch – extraction machine. We also use these for carpet and upholstery cleaning with We actually import and distribute these machines through, upon which we supply and train professional carpet and upholstery cleaners with them.

No other car valeting operation in Ireland has machinery like us. It’s all basically electric truck-mount systems that we use for carpet and upholstery cleaning with, and they are the most powerful electric truck-mount machines in the world. This basically means that if you call us out to do a valet on the car, you’re going to be left with spotlessly clean and dry seats in an hour and a half, and they’re going to be done to a level which you will not experience with any other valeting company, and they’ll also be stain-free.

With these machines, basically, it means that we can inject an awful lot more moisture through the fabric, but we’ll remove it much quicker and much more effectively with them. We see an awful lot of operations using smaller tub vacs, and sponging down seats, and then trying to remove slurry. These are a completely different ballgame.

We use them, as I say, for deep cleaning of carpet and upholstery in residential and commercial environments. So when you use these machines on a car, you’re essentially seeing incredible results quite quickly. And with our highly trained staff, and the eco-friendly chemicals that we use, you’re going to see an extremely good result no matter what option you choose.

So that’s pretty much it – an introduction to Carl, here. If you have any questions, please feel free to use the number on the website, or indeed, is the email.

Thank you for watching.”


A Paint Correction Detail we performed on a lovely Rosso Red Ferrari in Wicklow last month.

At this stage we had just finished an hours Wash/Prep on this Ferrari 360. The car is 13 years old and was in pretty good condition. It turns out that we actually gave this car its first clean in 2000 and it’s nice to be back working on bringing it back to its original pristine condition.

One or two panels, the front bumper and a couple of the sills have had a re-spray and still had a little orange peel on them which we wet sanded and then refined to a deep gloss.

The current owner had done a bit of work himself but and we took over where he finished off. The bonnet in particular had a few issues which unfortunately didn’t come out on our video but we had to do a three stage correction on the bonnet to bring the finish back out. All in we spent 10 hours on the paint.

It’s a pleasure vehicle, and what you want with this car is for the paint to jump right out at you, to really give a nice level of gloss and what we’ve done here is to essentially gloss the paint to its maximum potential using a combination of pads and polishes. Afterwards we applied a ceramic sealant to the paint, to really lock the finish in.

With the weekend use that this car is going to have, the ceramic sealant is going to last about a year and a half. On a daily driver you can expect this to last 6 to 9 months.



In this video we were about 1.5 hours into corrective work on the bonnet and 1.5 hours into a few of the other panels. We had come across some very heavy scratches from bird lime, poor washing technique with brushes and a few random deep scratches, one going across the entire bonnet. We had to remove about 20 microns from the lacquer, which is quite substantial in terms of corrective work, especially on a supercar.

Now I’m going to finish off the bonnet, compound the arches and the rest of the car is going to get a single stage corrective polish and then a ceramic gloss enhancement.



There were a few surprises thrown in. We weren’t expecting the depth of the scratch in the bonnet for instance. Sometimes you just don’t know what you’re going to be confronted with and that’s why you should always call a professional to work on the paintwork on your car.

The owner wanted the scratch out and it was in our ability to do just that. It was safe and within the limits of the available lacquer. Using wool on the deeper scratches and quite a heavy cutting compound was unusual for a car of this calibre. But taking our time and being extremely precise, both the owner and us are very pleased with the results of the detail.

When we got a call to discuss detailing an Aston Martin Vantage in Dublin, we were expecting a fairly easy task. Usually these cars are kept in very good order, but a combination of the previous owners total lack of maintenance and a very poor respray over the rear arch and back bumper had left swirls, orange peel, and badly marred paintwork.

The detail itself took over 12 hours, and even the wash stage took well over an hour. It was very enjoyable working the paint back to a beautiful buttery gloss with a combination of Polish Angel Master Compound and various polishing pads. Aston paint is specially made by DuPont to be soft and very glossy so in order to lock in the shine, I opted Polish Angel products, including Polish Angel Master Sealant – a ceramic sealant which lasts about nine months on the paint to protect the finish.

The customer was over the moon with the detail.

Video Transcript:

“Hi there. Carl here again from Just finished up a car detail on this beautiful GT Maserati. Black, with nice gold fleck in the paint. She’s just gotten about eight, nine hours work on her, most of which concentrated on the paintwork. A lot of random, deep scratches following kind of wash appraisal.

We needed to do some heavy-duty compounding on one or two of the panels, which is quite difficult given that some of them are actually plastic composites. So, you can’t measure the paint at depth accurately. So, you need to be extremely careful to make sure you don’t get any strike-through. But we got there in the end and she looks absolutely fantastic for a car that’s just four years old now and looks absolutely brand new. About 95 percent correction achieved. Maybe about 96 or 97.

Interior then had good, deep clean of the leather. Cleaned and fed with proper leather oils, proper leather cleaners. All sorts of different utility brushes out for the interior for a good clean and scrub down. Needed a good bit of TLC just to bring her back to as new as possible.

Carpets as well got a microsplitter on them, following debris and dirt removal.

So all in about 9, 10 hours work on the car. Just about to deliver it to the owner and expecting him to be delighted about the finish. We certainly are.

Thanks for watching the video. is the site. is the email. And my number is 086-1965471 if you’d like any more information or call 01-6877727 to make an appointment.

Thanks for watching.”

That is the mid level detail which is available for €199 on our website now.”

Video Transcript – Before The Detail:

“Hello. Carl here from, just about to start a mid-level detail on this gunmetal grey, BMW 1-series, 2006 – The car is eight years old, and it’s not really been valeted that much. The owner says this car might’ve seen a wash about twice a year. So, we’ve got lots of things, like moss to deal with on the door rubbers, that kind of thing.

If you come around the back of the car, you can see that the seals and the door shuts are full of gunge, and crap, and stuff, so we’re going to sort all that out. Car’s it’s a basically a pre-sale detail. The owner was initially going to go for a valet, but we had a bit of a chat about the car, and a couple of scratches and stuff, and what a machine ran over it, and we’re going to take out an awful lot of scratches from the paintwork.

Interior then, as I said in other videos we have massively powerful vac, hot-water extraction machine, steam cleaner, three three-stage vacs in the machine. So, it’s about 10 times more powerful than your average kind of small machine that you’d use for car valeting. So, this is going to leave the interior of the car dry in about 15 minutes, 20 minutes with the fans on.

And so, in actual fact, to do the complete interior of the car is going to take about 20 minutes – shampoo the seats and carpets – just because the machine is so efficient.

So, I’m going to do another video when we’re finished basically, to showcase what we’ve done. And, as I say, the car’s only really seen maybe a valet maybe once in a year. So, the seats are quite dirty and stuff, but that’s not a problem. She’s going to get a single stage polish, the machine rUn over the paintwork, and then a sealant as well.

So, she’s going to look extremely nice when done. It’s a couple a scuffs, not too deep in the lacquer around it, so we’re going to remove those and leave it with a really, really nice finish; ready for sale. It’ll probably increase the value of the car by about five to ten percent when it goes for sale. So, it’s well worth the investment. Especially as a car valet’s not going to leave the paintwork in tip-top condition, and it’s not going to get the detail on the interior that you would want.

So, that’s it. There’s another video to follow up when we’re finished this. We’re going to be about- there’s two of us working on the car. It’s going to be about two and a half, three hours on it. So, six hours work, in total, on the car. Great. Thanks for watching.”


Video Transcript – After the Detail:

“Now I just finished the detail, here, on this 2006 BMW. It was a fairly simple, light stage correction on the outsides, but a few little scuffs, and dents, and stuff that I wanted to take out. So there achieved – this detail isn’t really about full-correction. It’s a good cleanse for basically, pre-sale, and a polish, and then we put a ceramic seal on it, which is our usual process.

More focused in on the interior – A few areas inside the car, like the driver’s mats, and stuff like that, that I wanted to get nice and clean. So, we got all of that. The car is looking really, really nice now. And hopefully, should increase the sale price substantially, for the owner, which is exactly what he wanted.

A little bit above and beyond a standard car valet in terms of what we do with the machines, and machine polishing, and that. So, as you can see, the car looks great. It’s a lovely depth and gloss to the finish. It’s one or two small, kind of re-spray areas on the car that we couldn’t really do much with. But other than that, the car looks fantastic.

So, that’s it. Mid Level Detail on BMW Dublin. I think a special offer on the price at the moment on the website – if you want to go on and have a look at the price list on the detailing page on Cheers. Thanks for watching.”

We did a marathon valet courtesy of Ford Ireland during a rugby match in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.  50 Cars in five hours (phew!).  Check out the Ford Ireland Testimonial we received from Brand Manager, David O’Connell!

Video Transcript:

“Carl: Hi there. Carl here from Clean My Car, with David O’Connell, Brand Manager for Ford Ireland. We’re just finished a 50-car valet in the D4Hotel in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 here today for…

David: The FAI Ford Club

Carl: That’s it the FAI Ford Clubs. We’ve done 50 Fords here at the car park, in about five and a half hours, which is no mean feat. We’re through putting about 10 cars an hour therein, thereabouts. So, I’d like to hand you over to David. He’ll tell us a little bit about his experiences.

David: Yeah we took the guys at on, and then just from looking at them before the match, they have it down to a fine art, realized they had it done in five hours. I think it was eight, or ten, or twelve minutes per car, and it was just- inside and out they did a great job. And even afterwards, when I came back, I was talking to a few of our customers about how they felt their car looked and they were delighted absolutely thrilled with the guys so it’s thumbs up from Ford.

Carl: Great. Thank you very much. So, that’s it. If you have a brand event that you would like to go the extra mile for, don’t hesitate to get in touch. As you heard, we can throughput ten cars an hour. If you want something done, a little bit extra for an event that you’re sponsoring, or that your company is running, feel free to get in touch. Thank you very much.”

We detailed this beautiful Maserati. This was a full detail with a mild compound polish and ceramic sealant.