We did a marathon valet courtesy of Ford Ireland during a rugby match in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.  50 Cars in five hours (phew!).  Check out the Ford Ireland Testimonial we received from Brand Manager, David O’Connell!

Video Transcript:

“Carl: Hi there. Carl here from Clean My Car, with David O’Connell, Brand Manager for Ford Ireland. We’re just finished a 50-car valet in the D4Hotel in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 here today for…

David: The FAI Ford Club

Carl: That’s it the FAI Ford Clubs. We’ve done 50 Fords here at the car park, in about five and a half hours, which is no mean feat. We’re through putting about 10 cars an hour therein, thereabouts. So, I’d like to hand you over to David. He’ll tell us a little bit about his experiences.

David: Yeah we took the guys at Cleanmycar.ie on, and then just from looking at them before the match, they have it down to a fine art, realized they had it done in five hours. I think it was eight, or ten, or twelve minutes per car, and it was just- inside and out they did a great job. And even afterwards, when I came back, I was talking to a few of our customers about how they felt their car looked and they were delighted absolutely thrilled with the guys so it’s thumbs up from Ford.

Carl: Great. Thank you very much. So, that’s it. If you have a brand event that you would like to go the extra mile for, don’t hesitate to get in touch. As you heard, we can throughput ten cars an hour. If you want something done, a little bit extra for an event that you’re sponsoring, or that your company is running, feel free to get in touch. Thank you very much.”