Video Transcript:

“Hello there and welcome to Just a quick run-through video, an introduction video to the website. We’re just using this Porsche Panamera as an example of the kind of work that we do.

This car has just received a full detail today, which consisted of, in essence, a Four Stage Paint Correction on the paintwork and a full interior deep clean, followed by sealants on everything from the carpet, to the leather seats, and the door cards, and the leather dashboard.

This car came over from the UK a couple of weeks ago, and basically, it was covered in marring from poor wash technique, and from a valeting operation that had basically used a buffer on the paintwork, and left buffer trails hologramming and micro-marring all over the car.

So, the main focus today was to correct and remove that marring from the car to leave the finish that you’re seeing now which, hopefully you’d agree, is absolutely stunning. Owner is delighted. Thinks the car looks better than brand new, which for a two-year old car, a detail that it’s just received, it really does.

At we have a number of options available on the website. Most people will range between a Mid Level Detail, an Executive Valet, up to a Full Car Detail.

So, the differences between an executive valet and a detail- So, with an executive valet, you’re going to get a full, deep clean on the interior of the car. That includes extraction of the seats and carpets, and a clean down of the door cards, dash, vacuum of the boot, windows, door sills, so on and so forth – the standard valet, but done to a very high specification.

The next level up then, being an Executive Valet with a Machine Polish. A machine polish is essentially a wax applied with a machine to give a better finish on the car by giving a deeper- using the wax as- using it’s characteristics for a deeper clean on the paint and removing a little bit more grime and dirt from that oxidation.

Next level up then, will be a Mid-Level Detail where we might have cars with sun cream prints on them, micro-marring, not in terrible condition, but in need of a lift. And the mid-level detail will essentially get a single-stage correction on the paintwork, followed then by a ceramic sealant applied.

We also have the new Rejuvenation Detail, which is a popular choice to refresh your car inside and out.

So basically, the options are executive valet, executive valet with machine polish and sealant, and then on up to the mid-level detail. And then, this is the full detail.

This full detail has a €750 price point, which is out of a lot of people’s reach, but for a car like this, it’s absolutely warranted.

Now, no matter what option you choose with, you can rest assured that you have the very best of equipment processes, and trained and friendly staff, more than anything else, arriving to do the job.

You can see in the van here we have the baffle tank rendering us an autonomous unit. We also have a generator in the back. And our smallest – yet it packs a punch – extraction machine. We also use these for carpet and upholstery cleaning with We actually import and distribute these machines through, upon which we supply and train professional carpet and upholstery cleaners with them.

No other car valeting operation in Ireland has machinery like us. It’s all basically electric truck-mount systems that we use for carpet and upholstery cleaning with, and they are the most powerful electric truck-mount machines in the world. This basically means that if you call us out to do a valet on the car, you’re going to be left with spotlessly clean and dry seats in an hour and a half, and they’re going to be done to a level which you will not experience with any other valeting company, and they’ll also be stain-free.

With these machines, basically, it means that we can inject an awful lot more moisture through the fabric, but we’ll remove it much quicker and much more effectively with them. We see an awful lot of operations using smaller tub vacs, and sponging down seats, and then trying to remove slurry. These are a completely different ballgame.

We use them, as I say, for deep cleaning of carpet and upholstery in residential and commercial environments. So when you use these machines on a car, you’re essentially seeing incredible results quite quickly. And with our highly trained staff, and the eco-friendly chemicals that we use, you’re going to see an extremely good result no matter what option you choose.

So that’s pretty much it – an introduction to Carl, here. If you have any questions, please feel free to use the number on the website, or indeed, is the email.

Thank you for watching.”