Video Transcript – Before The Detail:

“Hello. Carl here from, just about to start a mid-level detail on this gunmetal grey, BMW 1-series, 2006 – The car is eight years old, and it’s not really been valeted that much. The owner says this car might’ve seen a wash about twice a year. So, we’ve got lots of things, like moss to deal with on the door rubbers, that kind of thing.

If you come around the back of the car, you can see that the seals and the door shuts are full of gunge, and crap, and stuff, so we’re going to sort all that out. Car’s it’s a basically a pre-sale detail. The owner was initially going to go for a valet, but we had a bit of a chat about the car, and a couple of scratches and stuff, and what a machine ran over it, and we’re going to take out an awful lot of scratches from the paintwork.

Interior then, as I said in other videos we have massively powerful vac, hot-water extraction machine, steam cleaner, three three-stage vacs in the machine. So, it’s about 10 times more powerful than your average kind of small machine that you’d use for car valeting. So, this is going to leave the interior of the car dry in about 15 minutes, 20 minutes with the fans on.

And so, in actual fact, to do the complete interior of the car is going to take about 20 minutes – shampoo the seats and carpets – just because the machine is so efficient.

So, I’m going to do another video when we’re finished basically, to showcase what we’ve done. And, as I say, the car’s only really seen maybe a valet maybe once in a year. So, the seats are quite dirty and stuff, but that’s not a problem. She’s going to get a single stage polish, the machine rUn over the paintwork, and then a sealant as well.

So, she’s going to look extremely nice when done. It’s a couple a scuffs, not too deep in the lacquer around it, so we’re going to remove those and leave it with a really, really nice finish; ready for sale. It’ll probably increase the value of the car by about five to ten percent when it goes for sale. So, it’s well worth the investment. Especially as a car valet’s not going to leave the paintwork in tip-top condition, and it’s not going to get the detail on the interior that you would want.

So, that’s it. There’s another video to follow up when we’re finished this. We’re going to be about- there’s two of us working on the car. It’s going to be about two and a half, three hours on it. So, six hours work, in total, on the car. Great. Thanks for watching.”


Video Transcript – After the Detail:

“Now I just finished the detail, here, on this 2006 BMW. It was a fairly simple, light stage correction on the outsides, but a few little scuffs, and dents, and stuff that I wanted to take out. So there achieved – this detail isn’t really about full-correction. It’s a good cleanse for basically, pre-sale, and a polish, and then we put a ceramic seal on it, which is our usual process.

More focused in on the interior – A few areas inside the car, like the driver’s mats, and stuff like that, that I wanted to get nice and clean. So, we got all of that. The car is looking really, really nice now. And hopefully, should increase the sale price substantially, for the owner, which is exactly what he wanted.

A little bit above and beyond a standard car valet in terms of what we do with the machines, and machine polishing, and that. So, as you can see, the car looks great. It’s a lovely depth and gloss to the finish. It’s one or two small, kind of re-spray areas on the car that we couldn’t really do much with. But other than that, the car looks fantastic.

So, that’s it. Mid Level Detail on BMW Dublin. I think a special offer on the price at the moment on the website – if you want to go on and have a look at the price list on the detailing page on Cheers. Thanks for watching.”